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Remote Access

Image result for landlineRemote Access

Let the experts take the reigns!

We see dozens of remote access cases on a day to day basis and it is a key service we offer here at Dove Computers.
It allows you to resolve your I.T. issues from the comfort of your own home. With one of our experienced technicians at hand, talking you through the steps, you’ll feel as though they are there with you.
Image result for macbookIt can be something as simple as step by step instructions over the phone, or by signing up to our customer database you can allow a technician access into your machine to fix the problem whilst you sit and watch the magic with a cuppa! It’s quick, easy and painless and allows you to get back online the same day. All this is just a phone call away! Absolute bliss!

If you’re unsure if your technical glitch requires a deeper looking into, drop us a call and we can evaluate the problem from there to provide you with on the spot advice and a suitable solution.