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Computer Repairs & Maintenance

Our experienced technicians cover a range of repair options, from the physical repair of a hard drive to internal data recovery, we’ve got you covered!

Computer Repairs and Maintenance

We offer repair services for any computer related device, be it a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or other, our technicians can provide a repair service or solution as well as leave you with clear and jargon-free advice for how to continually care for you device. There’s no confusion and no nonsense, we make I.T. easy!


If your computer’s acting up and you’re unsure as to why we can run a diagnostics scan for your device to get to the bottom of it. From there we can offer you support on the next steps you need to take as well as giving you a quotation for our solutions to the problem. For this service we offer a drop in option, so you can continue your day whilst we solve your technical issues.

Virus Protection

Our technicians are experienced virus fighters and over the years we have worked with many virus defence programmes, so you can be sure we’re providing you with the most up to date and efficient virus protection there is. We currently provide our customer’s with the BitDefender software that handles any annoyances such as pop ups.
Enquire with us about installation today!

Data Recovery

In most cases, data is recoverable, if you’ve experienced a virus, hard drive failure, poor formatting or even accidental file deletion our technicians will be more than happy to recover your important data and get you back to work in no time.
We also offer hard drive back up options, better than any external hard drive or USB, to avoid any messy data loss.

Back Ups

We provide a hassle free back up service for all the data that’s just too important to risk losing. We charge per gig, so you can save as much or as little as you require and be comfortable in the knowledge that your data is safe and sound from any nasty business your computer has to throw at you!

Apple Repairs

We provide a chargeable bench repair service for any Apple devices over a year old. All faults are identified using the proper Apple procedures and using the Apple diagnostics tools. We can also offer a full report for any machine out of warranty including a detail list of required parts , time frame for fixtures and projected cost of repairs.
No work is undertaken without the explicit go ahead from the customer.

For any quotations or further advice give us a call, email or just call in!