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Office 365 Licenses

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s answer to multi-device connectivity. Similar to Apple’s iCloud, it allows your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and any other devices to share information you’ll need with you, wherever you go. On a long business trip away from home? Office 365 ensures your emails come through to your smartphone, allowing you to leave the laptop at home.

It works using concepts such as OneDrive, that also allow you to transfer your favourite images from your phone to your PC as well as any important documents from the home PC to your portable, lightweight tablet. No matter where you go, Office 365 keeps you connected and allows you to have any information handy, at any location.

More than this though, you are able to use Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, as well as their online developments of Teams, Planner. Then there’s the likes of Skype and Outlook to allow your emails that professional, legitimate, personalised domain name, say goodbye to mybuiness@hotmail.co.uk and hello to sales@mybusiness.co.uk

As a trusted Microsoft Silver Partner for over 10 years our technicians have worked through many Microsoft models and cannot recommend this cloud service enough! It allows a business to share any documents at the click of mouse and makes slow USB transfers a thing of the past.

Many of our customers have already joined on to Office 365, however it’s never too late to get up to date!

Drop us a call or email to enquire about the services Office 365 can provide you with and how you can get connected.