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General Data Protection Regulations

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are coming into place on 25th May 2018. These regulations will replace the current Data Protection Act and depict the way companies can handle and extract sensitive data.

GDPR protects our data rights as individuals, both as consumers and employees. They are in place to fight the on going cyber battle between legitimate businesses and scam artists and hackers that pose an ever growing threat.

The GDPR changes are set to force companies into protecting their client data, rather than encourage it as before.

There are several alterations to be considered before the regulations come into place as the consequences of non-compliance or a data breach are also set to change significantly.

What are the Changes?
What are the Concequences?

There have always been consequences of data breaches for companies due to the Data Protection Act, however these largely revolved around disputed fines and the odd brand damaging publication.

As of 25th May 2018, that will all change.

  • Fines will increase to £20 million or 4% of your company’s annual takings – whichever figure is greater.
  • Companies that cannot pay face legal action or even, in the worse case, loss of the company.
  • Your company also loses the rights to release information on the data breach, that falls into the hands of GDPR and they have the right to decide if to release the information to the media or not.
  • Data Protection Officers (DPO) can be held individually responsible, should that be a part of their written contract. Otherwise it’s on the entire company, therefore making the role of a DPO an incredibly stressful one.
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Current Largest Cyber-Attacks 2017
Still think you're exempt from data breaches? No company is.

- Lloyds Banking Group

- Bart's Health Trust

- Princeton University

- President Trump's Cabinet


At least 47 major cyber-attacks in January 2017

- Abta

- Arby's

- NHS websites

- David Beckham's Advisory Team


At least 51 major cyber-attacks in February 2017

- McDonald's India

- Three

- Statistics Canada

- America's Job-Link site

- Chipotle


At least 44 major cyber-attacks in March 2017.

- Wonga.com

- McAfee

- Google

- Facebook

- McDonald's Canada


At least 44 major cyber-attacks in April 2017

- Debeham's Flowers

- Gmail

- NHS - global WannaCry hack

- OneLogin


At least 45 major cyber-attacks in May 2017 - including a global WannaCry outbreak.

- University of Oklahoma

- WPP (UK ad agency) - global Petya hack

- Nayana - South Korea


Over 199 million records leaked in June 2017.

- Bupa

- Trump Hotel Chain


- Kansas Department of Commerce



Over 143 million records leaked in July 2017


- FC Barcelona

- Sony

- NHS Lanarkshire



4.6 million records leaked in August 2017, with several 'comic' and 'non-malicious' attacks like that on FC Barcelona

- CCleaner

- Equifax

- Vevo




- T Mobile

- Pizza Hut

- Heathrow Airport

- BadRabbit Ransomware hits Europe



- Cash Converters

- Oxford & Cambridge Club

- Uber pay for stolen data to be deleted

- Imgur


- Nissan Canada

- Ebay

- AI.type - popular Android keyboard app

- TIO Networks, owned by PayPal


For further information and all the GDPR updates!