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The end of ISDN and why you should move to VoIP

What is ISDN?

ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network is a circuit switched telephone network system that transmits both data and voice over a digital line. ISDN digitally transmits voice, video and data on a telephone network. ISDN also includes integrated switching and transmission. The connection is delivered over a pair of standard telephone copper wires. It is being replaced as the data service speed is as low as 128kbps which is very dated.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol converts your voice into a digital signal which allows you to make calls over the internet. This allows users to create and receive calls through IP networks without limitations. VoIP uses packet technology to convert analogue audio into digital data which can transmit over public or private networks. The call quality of VoIP is in line with landlines and can in some cases be even better.

Why you should switch to VoIP?

  • VoIP does not require dedicated lines
  • ISDN will be decommissioned in 2025 and will become obsolete compared to the vastly more efficient VoIP.
  • VoIP is far more flexible and cheaper than the ISDN network.
  • The advantages of having VoIP over ISDN are that there are no maintenance costs at all, and you only have to pay when you use the service.
  • You will no longer require a phone network, as it all works over the same internet connection so there is no need for a dated phone network.
  • International call rates are usually lower as the set up required is not as high as ISDN.
  • The phone lines are virtual so you can have the ability to divert calls from your office phone to your mobile phone which gives you a lot of flexibility between meetings and working from home.
  • VoIP also allows for better business collaboration especially for video conferences and call monitoring.
  • VoIP has increased security compared to ISDN and can prevent data breaches and has better security protocols which keeps up with the most modern threats.
  • Cost of up- scaling is reduced as you can add more capacity without the need of an extra line.         

VoIP can deliver real cost savings for your business, talk to our experts today about which IP option is most suited to your business.

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