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Blackview A100: The Fastest Photo Shooting Smartphone under $300

Recently, Blackview launched the first flagship smartphone – Blackview A100, representing the newest top-of-the-line smartphone with unprecedented camera capabilities in the Blackview A series. 

Years of work on the camera of hardware and software ultimately brings a giant leap forward for autofocus. Blackview A100 is boasting the second-to-none smartphone on the autofocus and shooting speed, 2 to 3 times faster than the smartphones under $300, making snapshots of fleeting wonderful moments easier than ever.

Sony® IMX362 Sensor, Faster and More Accurate Autofocus

1.4μm Large Pixel & f/1.75 Aperture, Better Light Sensitivity

Size of the sensor, unit pixel and aperture determines how much light the camera has available to create an image. The amount of light captured determines a camera’s exposure balance, dynamic range, and even sharpness. Larger size allows more light to enter the sensor and brings higher dynamic range and cleaner images. This is why the images shot from a 12MP camera still look better than some 48MP, 64MP and 108MP smartphones.

The main rear camera of Blackview A100 is a high-end 12MP Sony® IMX362 camera. Featuring 6P lens, large 1/2.55″ sensor, native 1.4μm large pixel and f/1.75 aperture, it gathers more light, thus realizing photos with better exposure and clearer details even in low light. Improved lighting is also helpful for faster autofocus.

Dual Pixel Technology, Autofocus in Just 0.03s

Sony® IMX362 sensor supports Dual Pixel to increase the autofocus speed to as fast as 0.03s. This technology is an increasingly popular camera feature, particularly at the flagship-level smartphone market. 

Most budget phone cameras under $300 come with PDAF. Just like humans use two eyes to focus, PDAF works by comparing phase differences in images generated by left-looking and right-looking pixels to calculate the focus distance. But the dedicated pixels only make up 5-10% of the total pixels, for which it captures little light and requires more time to focus.

Dual Pixel autofocus is an extension of PDAF. Every pixel on the sensor is used and aids in calculating phase differences and focus to capture more information, which promises much faster and more accurate focusing for action shots without losing the image quality even in low-light places. 

Closed-loop VCM, Always Responsive for Reliable Autofocus

A VCM (Voice Coil Motor) is a focusing system that compensates movement or shake when taking photos. It uses a simple motor to move in a straight line closer or farther from the object to focus.

Most smartphone cameras use the Open-loop VCM system, which is slow and sometimes unreliable. If there is any motion when shooting photos, the system will recalculate and correct the auto-focus, consuming more time than ever.

Blackview A100 adopts the Closed-loop VCM system featuring faster focusing and better shake compensation. The system houses a Position Sensor that continuously monitors the position and gives quick and real-time feedback to the VCM, for which the focus speed is greatly shortened and imaging quality is enhanced. 

Up to 10fps, Shoot More Photos with Excellent Quality in A Split-second

Overall, the improved light sensitivity, autofocus speed and accuracy brought from the large 1/2.55″ sensor with 1.4μm large pixel and f/1.75 aperture, Dual Pixel and closed-loop VCM make Blackview A100 shoot faster than other smartphones within the same price range and at the same time guarantee the photo quality. 

Combined with up to 10fps continuous burst shooting speed, photographers can get at least 10 photos in a second and up to 100 ones within 10 seconds, which can be helpful when capturing sequential actions for fast-moving subjects such as flying birds, racing cars, running pets or the person jumping in the air when skating, skiing or dancing, etc. It’s easy to snap up a large collection of high-quality images in a shorter time, which increases the chance of making successful photographs and allows you to pick out the most satisfactory photos. Never let any short-lived moments that count be missed out. 

HDR Video Shooting, True-to-life Videos

You can record the wonderful moments not only with  photos but videos. Blackview A100 supports HDR video shooting, a feature that is rarely seen in smartphones under $300. 

HDR (High Dynamic Range) improves the video quality by creating more-defined contrasts and richer colors, increasing dynamic range, expanding color space and enhancing image fidelity.  It can preserve more details in the darkness of shadows and in the brightest areas of the image and display more saturated colors resulting in lifelike videos with higher clarity and smoother motion.

Powerful Camera Setup 

Besides the 12MP main camera with Sony® IMX362 image sensor, Blackview A100 includes a 8MP Samsung® S5K4H7 front camera to make selfies and video calls, a 8MP 115-degree ultra-wide-angle camera to get more in frame without having to move further away from the subject and a 8MP rear depth camera supporting portraits. 

More Shooting Modes to be Explored

Blackview A100 is also equipped with various functional shooting modes to help you shoot like a pro and give the unrivalled mobile photography experience. 

Monochrome Mode: The focusing subject remains colored but the rest is in black and white. 

HDR: Take photos without losing details in bright and dark areas.

Night Mode: Record striking night scenes with higher clarity. 

Face Beauty: Maximize everyone’s beauty by perfecting the face. 

Pro Mode: Manually adjust parameters like the ISO and shutter speed.

Stylish Appearance with MediaTek Helio P70 & Doke OS 2.0

Blackview A100 goes beyond your expectation not only from the camera configurations and functions but the other outstanding features. 

Powered by the self-developed Doke OS 2.0 based on the Android 11.0 OS and octa-core MediaTek Helio P70 processor with 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM and UFS 2.1, A100 makes smooth and fast running of large games a breeze, let alone other multitasking needs for work and play. 

The appealing appearance comes with an ambilight back panel coated with premium fingerprint-proof finish in Frost Green, Dream Pink, Galaxy Blue and Graphite Gray colors to catch  your eyes.  6.67″ 1080*2400 FHD+ large display with a center-mounted punch hole delivers a gorgeous viewing experience.  

Inside the 8.9mm ultra-thin and 195g ultra-light body is a large-capacity 4680mAh battery to support 6hrs of gaming and 24hrs of music. Moreover, Blackview A100 also supports 18W fast charging, fingerprint unlock and multi-function NFC.

Although packing great specs and features, Blackview A100 is much affordable. Before July 4th PT, it’s available with the Early Bird Price of $139.99 ($110 off) and will soon rise to the original price of $249.99.