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Avoiding Disaster with Backups

Avoiding Disaster with Backups

Many people don’t consider backing up their data until it’s too late. But if your computer is damaged, lost or stolen, already having a backup will likely save you both money and frustration. Compared to the cost (a minimum of £300) and hassle of data recovery from a damaged hard drive, the cost of setting up a regular back up system almost seems laughable. In this day and age, peace of mind is worth a lot, and it’s not difficult to set up an efficient backup system.

External Hard Drive

The first thing to consider is hardware. Your backups have to be stored somewhere. These days, external hard drives are the most common and efficient option. These drives can range in capacity from 500GB to an enormous 10TB – but most people will find a 1 or 2TB hard drive more than enough! A good 1TB external drive will cost you around £50.

You can also use USB drives to back up parts of your file system – most USB drives don’t have enough storage for a full system backup, but if you have a particular set of critical files that you really can’t afford to lose, it’s probably worth backing them up to multiple locations.

Of course, then you have to ensure that you don’t lose your external hard drive or USB!

Another option is to use an Offsite Backup Service. Perhaps you already use a cloud service such as iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive, all of which are commonly used to back up photos or to store files so that they can be accessed anywhere. An offsite back-up service operates in a similar way. Once set up, as long as you have an internet connection, your files will automatically back up to an offsite secure data centre as soon as you make any changes. This saves you the hassle of having your laptop connected to an external hard drive constantly. This is a service that we can provide for you at Dove Computers.

If you do decide to manage your own physical back-ups, there are various software options out there to make backing up your files a breeze. You don’t need to worry about arduous copy-and-pasting. These are the options we recommend:

If you’re a Mac user, your computer comes shipped with a built-in program called Time Machine. Once you enter the program and select a connected drive (which could be an external hard drive, USB or partition) all you need to do is schedule your backup and let it run in the background.

For Windows users, Veeam provide software that operate in a similar way. You can download both Free and Premium Backup software on their website that allows you to back up your files to a specific drive and schedule regular backups.

Having a daily backup running is always the safest option. This ensures that no matter what happens, you will always be able to recover an up to date version of your files. Even if you chose only two of these options, well, two backups are better than one. And even a single backup drive is better than none.

If you’re interested in purchasing an external hard drive or an Offsite backup service, give us a call on 01335 81 80 81 or fill in the contact form.

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