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Top 5 laptops for students

Top 5 laptops for students

Students require a laptop now it is like a pen. So, we have some suggestions if you don’t know where you are in buying a laptop. It can be a quite daunting task. But we can help here are some suggestions-

For those of us who can not afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a laptop or who simply do not want to. We have the HP stream its fetchers are-

An AMD A4 9125@ 2.3GHz with 2 threads

14-inch-high definition display

AMD Radeon R3 graphics card

32GB of storage


Up to 10.5 hours of battery life  

Windows 10

This laptop would be perfect for those who do not wish to spend hundreds maybe even thousands on a laptop. It will do everything you would want it to do. It will handle office software with out a hitch and will be more than capable of holding more than 1 tab open at a time. With a price of £249.99 pence.

This brings up to are second laptop a mid range laptop. The HP Pavilion will do the trick. If you are looking for something that you want to do a bit more demanding applications with this laptop will be perfect. Its fetchers are –

An Intel Pentium Gold @2.3GHz with 4 threads  

14-inch HD display

128GB SSD storage


Up to 12 hours of battery life

Windows 10

This laptop will be capable of more demanding tasks. Such as running multiple applications at the same time. As it is not to expensive either at just £429 it is really good for those who wish not to spend too much. But still with competitive performance.

This brings us on to a high-performance laptop the Huawei Matebook this laptop. Will be perfect for people that what to do some gaming or run some of the most demanding software. Its fetchers are-

An Intel Core i7-8565U Processor @ 1.8GHz which 8 threads which has a max turbo boost of 4.6GHz

13-inch HD display

512GB SSD storage

8gGB of DDR3 RAM

10 hours of battery life

Windows 10

This laptop will run multiple tasks while you are doing something demanding on top of that. This laptop is a grate deal at just £899. It has everything you need to get you ready for student life.

Now I have a MacBook for someone looking for something different from windows. With a sleek design we have the Apple MacBook Air (2017) its fetchers are-

An Intel core i5 Processor @1.8GHz turbo boost to 2.9GHz

13.3-inch LED display

128GB SSD storage


Up to 12 hours battery life


This MacBook if perfect for those who like the mac OS operating system. Or want something different form standard windows laptops. At £769.97 it is a good price if you want performance.

And the final laptop we have is in fact a Chromebook. A mid-range laptop the HP x360 this 2 in 1 laptop. If good if you want to do sketches with the laptop or just handle multiple programs. Its fetchers are-

An Intel Pentium Gold @2.2GHz with 4 threads

14-inch HD display

32GB of storage


Up to 14 hours of battery life

Chrome OS

This laptop is perfect if you do not like using windows or mac OS. You want something different. It will handle most higher end tasks and run multiple applications. at £449 it is a really good price for those that want something new.

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