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How do you know your laptop’s had enough?

How do you know your laptop’s had enough?

In this digital age we all hold a reliance on our masterful machines. Whether it’s to store our treasured photos and browse the web or whether it’s a full-time in use work laptop, filled with your most important documents and presentations. Either way, the majority of us rely on our laptops. So, it’s no surprise we’re at a loss when they fail.

As an I.T. firm we see more than our fair share of dying devices and so it’s best to know the warning signs before this happens.

To start with, it’s a good thing to have in the back of your mind that most manufacturers give their devices a built-in obsolescence of around 5-7 years, however this is dependent upon the specifications of the device. If you have a fairly basic laptop, you could be looking at less than that.

Slow Device

The initial warning sign will be the speed. If your laptop is sluggish and slow it could be a sign it’s starting to give in. Though it could also just mean it’s too full of junk and needs a spring clean. If, or when, this starts to happen, it’s best to start thinking about backing up your important data, and maybe ridding the computer of anything less so to try to give it another lease of life.

Error Messages

Sometimes error messages can be nothing, other times they can be everything. If your device displays any error messages in regards to the hard drive, or any other major component, it’s time to prepare for the worst. If in doubt, drop it in to our workshop on Mayfield Road and a technician can check out the damage for you.

Issues with updates

Now this could just be that the update itself has glitches, or is programmed to reset some settings back to default. But if after a major update you find you’re experiencing some major issues, it’s likely a sign your device is getting on a bit. Whilst it may seem like a resolution to put off any updates, Windows machines will eventually force them through as these updates are for the ease of use and security of your pc. If you find any errors occur from updates, or your device freezes within an update, send it to one of the experts at Dove!

Strange Noises

It sounds like an obvious one, but if your device is making noises it doesn’t normally make, or you hear the fan overworking itself when previously it hasn’t done, this could mean one of two things. Firstly, you may be running programs in the background that aren’t necessary, in which case it may be worth having a little spring clean. And secondly, it may mean that certain parts of your device are failing or overheating and therefore the fan is having to overwork itself to keep the device safe to use.

So what do you do?

Considering how much we pay for these machines, it’d be nice to think they’d last us a lifeline, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. If these issues start to arise and your device is nearing five years old or above, it’s time to back up your data either on a cloud or external storage system, have a bit of a spring clean and pop in to Dove Computers!

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