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A Little Security Advice

A Little Security Advice

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all starting to get together our gift ideas and checking online to find the best offers to save that extra little bit.

Whilst entering your bank details online is completely fine, in most cases, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So here are our top tips at keeping yourself secure this festive season!

  1. Have an appropriate anti-virus.

Anti-virus is what warns you of anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. Whilst it isn’t ever 100% perfect protection, as email and clicking dodgy links can still break through, it will cover you and warn you of anything unsavoury. At Dove Computers we recommend BitDefender as it’s voted the number #1 anti-virus across several platforms.

  1. Set up Spam folders

We all receive spam emails from time to time, and during the festive season we’re likely to receive all the more. By setting up spam rules you can ensure that the only emails you read are those you wish to receive. We always say, if you don’t know the sender, don’t open the email!

  1. Password Security

It may seem obvious, but weak passwords are easy for hackers to crack. Never include the word ‘password’ in your password. Also try to avoid anything obvious, like your name or town. Include numbers and symbols to make the password harder to break. It’s also wise to keep note of your passwords and if possible set up two-factor authentication. (This will send your phone a code to allow a new device to sign in to your account)

  1. Be vigilant

Most reputable companies will never ask for your personal information via email. A common email from phishing hackers can see Amazon logos stating your order hasn’t been paid for and requests further payment to be made via a link – DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK. If in doubt, google the number for the company and ask them first hand.
You should also always check the email address of the sender. Often scammers do not use a reputable email address, for instance if you’ve ordered something from Tesco online and a Hotmail email address is telling you it’s not been paid for fully – don’t trust it!

  1. Ask an expert

At Dove Computers we’re always happy to answer any queries or concerns. Our well-trained staff are often busy bees, but we will always find the time to help our customers the best way we can. Should you wish to pop in, drop us a call or just want a little bit more information head to www.dovecomputers.com


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