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Windows Vista No Longer Supported by Microsoft

Vista joins its elder sibling XP in obsolescence
Windows Vista background stating 'Windows Vista Unsupported'

Windows Vista No Longer Supported by Microsoft

Every few years Microsoft release a new and improved Windows operating system – it may seem like a ploy to get money through upgrades or the necessity to purchase a new computer.

However, in actuality new operating systems aren’t there to trip you up, take force you into a new model when you’re used to an old one.

New operating systems main purpose are to

  1. a) Keep technology moving forward.
  2. b) Keep your computer performing at its best.
  3. c) Keep your computer security at an optimum level.

After each new operating system is released, Microsoft don’t instantly drop support for the predecessor – there’s a sort of grace period to allow people with older devices that may need a newer one before it’s worth updating time to do so. But also it gives people time to hear of the new update and therefore have time to actually perform an upgrade.

However, once a newer operating system is out, Microsoft do begin dropping certain elements of support.

Client Operating Systems Latest Update or Service Pack End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support

Windows Vista

Service Pack 2

10th April 2012

11th April 2017

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 13th January 2015 14th January 2020
Windows 8 Windows 8.1 9th January 2018 10th January 2023
Windows 10 Version 1703 13th October 2020 14th October 2025

The most recent system to be dropped entirely is Windows Vista on 11th April 2017. This means that there will be no patches, no updates, no Microsoft support for anyone using a Windows Vista machine.

There are the odd exception to this rule as some companies buy extra time from Microsoft or extra support. However once this has ended, machine’s with Vista as their operating system become even more susceptible to virus and hacking schemes – as well as just running generally slower.

Whilst this still may not seem much of an issue the NHS hack back in May 2017 happened due to insufficient I.T. protection. NHS servers and computer systems were still running on Windows XP and due to its discontinuation the NHS lacked a vital patch to protecting their system.

This is how the hackers got in – an old system has had time to be played with and show its loop holes. Once this has happened there’s nothing to stop ransomware or a cyber-virus from entering your computer and rendering it useless.

Mainstream support has already ended for Windows 7 also and as of January next year mainstream support for Windows 8 will also reach its end.

However these models do then have a further few years of extended support to allow people to make the change over to a newer operating system.

If you’re ever unsure on how in or out of date your operating system is – contact the team or head online to Microsoft’s help forum for an exact date of obsolescence.

It’s a quick and easy upgrade, providing it’s make sooner rather than later.

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