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Top 5 Go Pro Alternatives

Top 5 Go Pro Alternatives

Action cameras are the new must have gadget, especially for all your adventurous types out there. They’re small, a tad fiddly but more robust than any DSLR and have the film quality of a camera twice their size.

It’s safe to say that the Go Pro is the flagship, go to action camera model, so much so that it’s done a ‘hoover’ and claimed the market name.

How many times do you hear someone say ‘I’m looking for an action camera’? You’re right, never.

It’s always ‘I really want a Go Pro’ or ‘Do you sell a cheaper version of the Go Pro?’

And for that precise reason we’ve taken a look into the top 5 Go Pro alternatives.

So, in no particular order…


  1. TomTom Bandit

Though the Bandit is a little larger than many other cameras in the market, it more than makes up for it. With 4K resolution at 15fps and 16mp still images, it’s an impressive camera to own.

The Bandit works with Wi-Fi and is designed to run alongside smartphones, making uploading your incredible videos and images even more seamless.

TomTom’s Bandit is durable, resistant and waterproof for up to 40 metres. This does require a change in lens, however compared to many action cameras requiring a waterproof cover, this isn’t really much of a hassle.

The Bandit comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as running alongside an editing app for swift easy edits right from your smart phone or tablet.

You also need never remember a USB lead again as the Bandit has a built-in USB end that plugs directly into your computer. For the avid traveller, this is a massive help in terms of a) extra space and b) one less thing to remember to repack.


It is a little bigger than your standard action camera, weighing in at 190g, but it can hardly be classed as bulky.

Its design is also far more stylish and visually pleasing than most other action cameras and whilst that isn’t the selling point of action cameras, it’s really nice to look at.

It’s curved design also makes it easier to hold and use as a hand-held camera – again whilst this isn’t the purpose of action cameras, it’s still nice.

Check out the TomTom Bandit in use by popular YouTuber, Brent Rose:

The TomTom Bandit is available on Amazon at £146.37

  1. Olfi One.Five

The Olfi One.Five comes from a slightly less well-known brand, but that doesn’t make it any less of a product.

Another 4k capable camera, this time at 24fps and also 16mp still camera frame, the One.Five holds its own against the bigger named brands.

The Olfi is waterproof for up to 30 metres when in its additional waterproof casing – though this is included in the initial pricing, unlike with a Go Pro.

Furthering its robust and action capabilities the One.Five also comes with built-in gyro stabling and motion sensing technology to capture the best possible shot.

Like the TomTom Bandit, the One.Five also has its own app for sharing and editing your shots, minutes after recording them.

Unlike the TomTom the battery life for the One.Five is much shorter, at only 90 minutes per charge, though it does mean charging time is fairly swift.

Visually the Olfi is a smooth and simple, small design. The One.Five is only 55g weight and therefore a smaller option than the Bandit. And with its small LCD back screen there is the option for live viewing your video as it films.


The Olfi One.Five is available on Amazon at £149.99


  1. Akaso ek7000

One great thing about the Akaso range is their compatibility with Go Pro mounts and other products, which is why they’ve always been quite popular as a cheaper alternative.

More than that though the Akaso ek7000 works a 4K resolution with the high frame rate at 25fps, making it our most impressive frame rate out of the three 4K cameras we’ve looked at.

With 12mp of still photo resolution and a 170 degree wide-angle camera, even still images look fairly impressive.

Similarly to the Bandit and One.Five, the ek7000 also has inbuilt Wi-Fi and can connect remotely to your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Another incredible feature with the ek7000 is its value for money in terms of extras. When buying the camera you receive a box of 18 other items, including GoPro branded mounts and clips, two 1050mAh batteries, a charger, lens cloth and more.

The ek7000 also comes with its own waterproof casing that some reviewers have complained about as bulky – but it really isn’t!

The Akaso can go up to 30 metres deep in its waterproof casing and can do so for up to 8 hours.

The battery life isn’t the best in the Akaso range (90 minutes continuous), however the batteries are small and lightweight enough to take multiple out with you and allow also for a short charge time.

The Akasao ek7000 is originally priced at £129.00 however currently is on sale on Amazon at £61.99, making it the cheapest 4k option on our list by far!




  1. Yi Action Camera

To add a flavour of what other models are out there we’ve looked at the Yi Action Camera. Though this does now have 4K siblings, the original Yi came in at 1080p with 60fps, so for anyone not bothered about 4K quality this HD filming style is still something to be impressed by.

I must admit the image quality is pretty decent and you’d never guess from the footage that it’s an older, cheaper model.

The Yi also takes 16mp photos, better than that of the Akaso, with an ultra-wide angle lens for a full photo feel.

The Yi has the same capabilities of built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and so connects also with your devices for easy editing and posting of your videos whilst on the go.

With the additionally purchased waterproof housing (you’re sensing a theme here right?) the Yi is waterproof for up to 40 metres.

It weighs as little as 70.9 grams and even with its waterproof housing on is very portable and pocketable.

The main disappointment I have with the Yi action camera is the lack of extras. No charger, no mounts, no waterproof casing – everything seems to be an added extra. Whilst this is the case with the GoPro also, if the Yi wants to keep its place in the entry-level action camera market, it needs to offer a little more than it currently does.

There is a package on Amazon that allows you to purchase the camera, selfie stick mount and remote, however this currently is unavailable.

Therefore the camera alone is on at £84.99


The official Yi YouTube Channel posted a video of their little Yi’s capabilities:


  1. Apeman A80

Finally we have the Apeman A80 4K underwater action camera – it’s quite a mouthful, so we’ll just call it the A80.

The A80 is the pride and joy of the Apeman action camera family with its 4K resolution footage at 24fps and 20mp (yes 20!) still image resolution making it a fantastic camera as well as action recording device.

Similarly with our other action cameras, the Apeman connects via Wi-Fi to your smart devices, making that instant streaming and editing process all the easier for those on the go.

The Apeman also comes with two 1050mAh batteries that will last up to 120 minutes each. Again whilst this isn’t the longest life out of our action cameras, the charge is short and sweet and you’re ready to go again in no time.

With its waterproof casing the Apeman is waterproof for up to 30 metres, adding the appeal of a crisp and clear underwater shot.

The A80 also uses Sony Image technology and anti-shake technology to keep your videos smooth and sharp, whatever activity you choose to undertake.

The Apeman, similarly to the Akaso camera, also comes with quite a large accessory package and this isn’t to make up for any lacking elements of the device, simply to make the value for their camera even more appealing.

They know they’re not a huge name, but they know they have a great product and for that they’re willing to give a bunch of free extras to prove it – brilliant!

The Apeman A80 is currently on sale at Amazon for £79.99

So, I think it’s safe to say we all know there are alternatives to the GoPro now, and yes the GoPro is a fantastic action camera with once trailblazing designs – but there’s no reason now to need to pay such prices for such a device.

  Go Pro Hero 5 TomTom Bandit Olfi One.Five Akaso ek7000 Yi Action Camera Apeman A80
Video Resolution 4K 30fps 4K 15fps 4K 24fps 4K 25fps 1080p 60 fps 4K 24fps
Image Resolution 12mp 16mp 16mp 12mp 16mp 20mp
LCD Screen Yes – Touch No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life
(up to)
90 minutes per charge 3 hours per charge 90 minutes per battery 90 minutes per battery 90 minutes per battery 120 minutes per battery
Waterproofing 10 metres without housing – further with case Yes – with lens change Yes – with case (incl.) Yes – with case (incl.) Yes – with case Yes – with case (incl.)
Extras included? No No No Yes No Yes
Price £338.14 sale £146.37 £149.99 £61.99 £84.99 £79.99

Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Note: If you order these cameras online you must also order a memory card alongside them – annoyingly the majority of action cameras do not come with a memory card. So to avoid delay in your movie making, order together!

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