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Sony’s E3 Announcements 2017

Sony’s E3 Announcements 2017

Monday 12th June Roundup


Ubisoft kicked off their 2017 E3 appearance with a sneaky surprise they claim to have been working on for over 3 years. Their Raving Rabbids are back and this time are in collaboration with a universally famous Italian plumber in a red hat.

That’s right, A Raving Rabbids and Mario collab and who better to join in on the announcement than Nintendo bigwig Shigeru Miyamoto.

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle will feature on the Nintendo Switch and supposedly bring about a Mario world in a way we have never experienced before. Release date 29th August 2017.

Next we took a look at Assassin’s Creed Origins. Already announced at Microsoft’s conference yesterday it’s safe to say fans were ready to see what features Ubisoft were saving for themselves.

We saw a little game play demo but not much more than has already been seen.

As the 10th anniversary edition of the much-loved franchise, this game has been 3 and ½ years in production and will feature, as always on multiple platforms from 17th October 2017.

Another announcement was multi-vehicle racing game, The Crew 2 out early 2018 with a current beta available for download.

The only mention of VR from Ubisoft was with a strange and very vague trailer for a game called Transference out Spring 2018. Not much was given away in this trailer only that it feels like “a recorded consciousness” and no matter how real it feels “it can’t hurt you, you’re completely safe… you’re completely safe” – so we’re betting on a horror.

Skull & Bones was announced as the new pirate feature game from Ubisoft Singapore. This is the department that created the Navel Combat seen in Assassins Creed 3 and Assassins Creed Black Flag, though is claimed to have been far further developed since.

This game features Solo and Co-op modes as well as 5 v 5 ‘loot hunts’ – Given a large enough world, this could be a game to watch.

A live performance from Bebe Rexah and dancers was one way to announce the arrival of Just Dance 2018 out this October.

Another game to heavily feature on the Nintendo Switch is Starlink: Battle for Atlas and though it’s playable across all consoles, it’s real life adjustable space ships have that Amiibo feel to them, making it seem more for a Nintendo audience than any other. This has quite a long wait yet, anticipated release in Autumn 2018.

Another announcement was a new winter sport game Steep, this time as a ‘Road to the Olympics’ ready for 2018 and is due out this December.

Finally the one everyone had been waiting for; Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5, as we already knew from the previous trailer, will be set in small town Montana, USA and face our character with a fanatically religious cult.

Their E3 announcement saw actual gameplay and the importance ‘hired help’ will play in this instalment.

There was also a canine companion that assisted in your Far Cry endeavours and that’s always a winner.

Though not stated the release date seems to be as previously shown; February 2018.

Finally, a big return for Beyond Good and Evil with the brilliant trailer for its sequel 15 years later.

There’s no release date – so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

But the promise is a ‘seamless online playground’ that supports both solo and co-op gaming.

There was also a mention of the ‘Space Monkey Program’ which allows players to help get involved and create the world they want to play in as development continues.

It was a pretty nice note to end on for Ubisoft.

Ubisoft’s FULL E3 conference below:



It was clearly apparent this year’s E3 wouldn’t feature any new hardware from Sony and though there was that small glimpse of hope they may surprise us, it was right.

Sony this year clearly focused on their new PlayStation 4 Pro that supports VR gaming as an announcement of several VR exclusive games were announced.

  • Skyrim – adventure
  • Star Child – adventure/fantasy
  • The Inpatient – horror
  • Monsters of the Deep (Final Fantasy XV) – fishing… yes, fishing.
  • Bravo Team – shooter
  • Moss – adventure

This is an element of gaming Microsoft currently seem to be excluded from and I must say some of the above games did pique my interest, but compared to a new 4K console it was a tad underwhelming from PlayStation.

Their 4D experience theatre was rather impressive however, with an opening live performance that transferred into new Uncharted 4 content – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Always great to hear from NaughtyDog but not the franchise people were hoping for this time around…

A 4D announcement for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds saw the audience sprinkles with, what looked like, snow. This is said to be released this year, but no exact date as of yet.

Next saw thrilling zombie game ‘Days Gone’ announced with live performances alongside the screen of actors hanging from the ceiling as seen in-game. It looked intense, it looked emotional, it looked fantastic.

This trailer had fans bowing.

Though no date was stated at the conference it seems to be coming December 2017, so not long to wait.

PlayStation then showed the return of Monster Hunter, previously a largely Nintendo title, this time for PS4 with incredible graphics. This is due out early 2018.

There is also a remake for Shadow of the Colossus with gorgeously improved graphics, making the already massive game looks even bigger than before. This is also due out 2018.

A new release comes in the form of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

Imagine Street Fighter, vs the Avengers vs Mega Man all in one big mad fighting mash-up. It sort of feels like a Super Smash Brothers type of collaboration, but obviously on PlayStation. This is due out 19th September 2017 with a downloadable demo out now.

Next came a stream of fan favourite titles:

  • God of War – early 2018 – Kratos has a son and both appear to be playable.
  • Destiny 2 – 6th September 2017 – with exclusive PlayStation content
  • Call of Duty: WW2 – 3rd November 2017 – it looks pretty crazy!

As well as two new titles that got fans both in audience and online rather excited.

Detroit: Become Human sees a team of Android in a world of humans. The android are enslaved by humankind, but a duo of characters Marcus and North are set to free them all.

This is stated to be a choice based game with player decisions shaping the outcome for each character and story path. This has been said before in the likes of Infamous, though the story didn’t alter much, just character – hopefully this time they’ll have that multi-choice platform down.

Finally, their big finale was a brand new Spiderman game set to release sometime in 2018. The game features appears, from the trailer, to feature both Peter Parker and Miles Morales – so it’s not clear who will be the Spiderman we see swinging from skyscrapers initially.

Combat appeared very much like the Arkham Knight style, as did gameplay – not that this is cause to complain on any ground. Plus Spidey’s powers sure make it look like fun.

Overall, the demonstration PlayStation put on in their 4D theatre was pretty spectacular. But quite vague release dates, no new hardware and no sign of certain beloved titles
*The Last of Us 2/Final Fantasy 7 etc.* Microsoft may have swung this E3 victory from them.

That being said we still have Nintendo to go and I do have high hopes for Sony next year.

So we shall see.

Sony’s FULL E3 stream below:

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