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Today’s Social Media Day – never before has it been so simple to follow our favourite celebrities or befriend the long-lost school friends we never really spoke to.

Social Media was about bringing people together on a social, global, platform, yet it’s grown into much, much more than that.

On Tuesday (27th June 2017) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) tweeted Facebook had now reached 2 Billion users – considering the global population is 7.5 billion, it’s a fairly impressive feat in its 13 year lifespan.

It is true that there have been a few hiccups along the way with Facebook and YouTube struggling with extremist content and fighting it.

WhatsApp has had it’s with governments questioning its message encryption.

Instagram, though not directly responsible, has been blamed for making mental health issues amongst young people worse, painting an un-achievable ideal of someone else’s life.

Snapchat’s new location feature has been criticised as children become visible to anyone that follows them. However it has been argued that they can adjust their safety and visibility settings, it still raised concern.

In more recent years more and more people have been coming forward about social media addiction and even mobile addictions.

However, against all of that, social media has found a way to bring people around the world together like never before.

And for businesses, has presented a means of free advertising and a means of connecting to new customers, as well as keeping in contact with regulars.

It empowered discoveries and developments in technology, especially in the smart phone industry. It’s now an expected feature of a phone to have social media apps and capabilities and for many will be a deal breaker if it does not.

Over the years we’ve seen several sites come and go and we’re excited to see what the future of social media brings us!

At Dove Computers, we also offer a Social Media Management scheme for companies wishing to tap into this fantastic and ever adapting platform.

This service allows you the time to do the job and we’ll take care of your promotion for you!

Nothing will go through without your say so, we can organise the tone, style and set up of your chosen accounts with you and together we can get your business online!

Contact us for further info!


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