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Nintendo’s 2017 E3 Spotlight

Nintendo’s 2017 E3 Spotlight

Tuesday 13th Roundup



As with previous years, Nintendo chose to have their E3 spotlight moment through a stream, rather than in conference – though this comes as no surprise to fans as this is how many Nintendo announcements are held.

Nintendo’s spotlight moment was, as always, short and sweet. But in that time they get done what needs to be done – no more, no less. And it works.

They have no new hardware to be promoting, as the Switch was released in March of this year (2017) so Nintendo’s E3 was all about the titles.

Whilst the Switch has had a phenomenal initial release across the globe, the Wii U’s downfall was in the coming months after – it so far seems the Switch is avoiding the same fate.

E3 saw the initial introduction from Nintendo’s own Reggie Fils-Aime who stated “if it’s not fun, why bother?” This is a true testimony to Nintendo’s gaming ideology.

A short trailer of mixed games showed the Switch in use with the likes of Fifa 18, Rocket League, Splatoon 2, Pokkén Tournament DX and Arms whilst also showcasing the diversity and flexibility of using the Switch.

Fils-Aime goes on to say that gaming is a journey and “the journey requires the right ticket and that ticket is the Nintendo Switch”.

We’re then shown a stream of exclusive trailers for several Nintendo favourites making their debut on the Nintendo Switch:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Holidays 2017
  • Kirby – 2018
  • Yoshi – 2018
  • Fire Emblem Warrior – Autumn 2017
  • Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 29th August 2017
  • Rocket League (with Switch Exclusives and cross play) – Holidays 2017
  • Metroid Prime 4 – no trailer or date given but it’s coming.

Nintendo’s own Shinya Takahashi made an appearance promising that this Summer will be full of many multiplayer games coming both from Nintendo and their third-party developers.

So will this year be the year of the Switch?

An appearance from the Pokémon Company’s Tsunekazu Ishinara, came with another exciting announcement.

Ishinara went on with details of the new Pokkén Tournament DX. This is another arena battle based Pokémon game. But now with the Switch, two players can play anywhere at any time on just the one screen. There’s also a new range of Pokémon including additions from the latest regions such as Alola and Unova as well as the old favourites.

But that wasn’t the most exciting news.

Ishinara announced that Game Freak are currently working on a brand new core RPG game for the Nintendo Switch. Though it may not be coming out for another year or so, this is the first Pokémon RPG console game since Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness back on the Nintendo GameCube – so it’s pretty exciting stuff for Pokémon fans.

A final appearance from a Nintendo Developer saw Eiji Aunoma of The Legend of Zelda franchise with key details on two new DLC packs coming to the Nintendo Switch for its launch title – Breath of the Wild.

These DLC packs will contain more characters, maps, weapons, gear and more including ‘Hero Path Mode’ and ‘Master Mode’.

He also spoke more about The Elder Scrolls’ debut appearance on the Nintendo Switch and his excitement to see Link and select Zelda items in Skyrim.

The first of the two will be available on the 30th June 2017 and the second will follow in the Holidays of 2017.

And to finish their display of unseen trailers and crowd favourites, the much-anticipated Super Mario Odyssey was given a second, longer trailer with an official release date of October 27th 2017.

The trailer showed another massive, free world Mario, as we had with Super Mario Galaxy a few years back. Mario has new outfits, new ‘powers’ and returns to once again rescue Princess Peach from a, rather well dressed, Bowser.

With a line up like this, and the release price of the Xbox One X being what it is, the Switch could be the go to console of 2017!

What’re your thoughts?

View Nintendo’s FULL E3 spotlight below:




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