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Microsoft’s Big E3 Reveal

Microsoft’s Big E3 Reveal

Sunday 11th June Roundup


Microsoft kicked off their 2017 E3 appearance in style, as always and released the trailer for their all new Xbox One X claimed to be the “world’s most powerful console ever” by Xbox head Phil Spencer – though with a whopping price tag of $499 or £449 it’s got a lot of proving itself to do.

Phil Spencer went on to talk about the core principles of Xbox that they have held with them since their earliest days and that is –

  1. To empower developers
  2. To delight gamers
  3. To deliver true hardware and technical innovation

So how does the One X hold up to that?

First and foremost, let’s look at the specs:

  • 6 teraflop of GPU at 1.172gHz
  • 12 GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 326GB p/s memory bandwidth
  • True 4K with $K UHD Blu-Ray playback
  • 8 million + pixels
  • HDR wide colour gambit
  • Premium Dolby Atmos sound system

The Xbox One X also features the Scorpio Engine using 16 nanometre technology they have developed a 360mm processing chip inbuilt with 7 billion transistors and a 384 bitwise memory bus – in simpler terms it’s the fastest console they’ve ever made.

This engine is said to be ‘so powerful’ that Xbox, for the first time in a console, have built in a liquid cooler vapour chamber, seen largely in servers etc.

All of this is bragged to be in the body of the smallest Xbox ever.

Not bad.

To add to it Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, announced their backwards compatibility will grow more than ever before – now stretching to original Xbox games as well as 360. The Xbox One X is said to use its true 4K to freely increase the quality of these classic game graphics as well as enhance the quality of newly released games on the One X.

(Microsoft seem to have finally learnt from their mistake with the release of the Xbox One with no backwards compatibility – that was not ok.)

Xbox stated that this 4K experience is not exclusive for 4K TV owners only and that the One X’s ‘super sampling’ capabilities gaming graphics will be enhanced even for 1080p gamers also.

Even better.

Xbox will also be offering FREE upgrades to 4K quality from certain games already in a user’s library from previous Xbox One consoles for the Xbox One X. These titles include:
– Gears of War 4
– Forza Horizon 3
– Halo Wars 2
– Minecraft
– Killer Instinct

Many more other developers will be offering this FREE upgrade of their content for Xbox One X users with the games already in their library.

But what about the launch titles and future of the Xbox One X?

E3 saw the announcements of the below titles:

Forza 7 – 2018
Assassin’s Creed Origins – October 27th 2017
Metro Exodus
Anthem – 2018
State of Decay 2 –  Spring 2018
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – will move onto console gaming
Deep Rock Galactic
The Darwin Project
Minecraft – will introduce crossplay including on Nintendo Switch
Dragonball FighterZ
Black Desert
The Last Night
The Artful Escape
Code Vein (2018)
Sea of Thieves
Tacoma – August 2nd 2017
Super Lucky’s Tale
Cuphead – September 29th 2017
Crackdown 3
Life is Strange: Before the Storm – August 31st 2017
Middle Earth: Shadows of War – October 10th 2017
Ori & the Will of the Wisp

Overall, I must say I was fairly blown away by the graphics and games offered with this console and pleased to see the updates in backward compatibility and free 4K updates for current players of popular titles. Whether I’d say the Xbox One X was worth £449 ($499) or not is yet to be seen, but I must say it was an impressive display of an E3 conference for Microsoft this time around.

The Xbox One X will be released worldwide on the 7th November 2017.

View the FULL E3 conference here:



Bethesda opened with a bold statement of who they are and what they represent in the gaming world by detailing their upcoming upgrades and games through the details world of ‘Bethesdaland’.

This virtual amusement park was claimed to be “a place of adventure, innovation, wonderment but above all else, fun” and this was to be echoed in what Bethesda has up their sleeve for 2017.

Unlike Microsoft’s E3 conference, Bethesda revealed two much anticipated Virtual Reality games set to be released this year on PS4 and Xbox One. These titles were Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR and were promised to show a new style of gaming.

They also revealed further additional content to games such as The Elder Scroll Online, with the addition of Elder Scrolls 3’s Morrowind Map and a new edition of Elder Scrolls Legends – Heroes of Skyrim (due release 29th June 2017)

Furthering the Elder Scrolls releases, Skyrim has been announced to be moving to the Nintendo Switch, making the Switch the first Nintendo console to feature an Elder Scrolls game.

This edition will come with Amiibo Support allowing Nintendo characters to be playable in game. Though there’s no exact date for this release it’s expected in the Autumn of 2017.

Bethesda also introduced the Creation Club, coming in Summer 2017. This furthers the player made mods for games that Bethesda claim to already be massive fans of.

It will be run by Bethesda developers as well as external game designers to add in new, external but fully compatible purchasable customised content for games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Though not much more was said about this feature, I imagine this will grow in compatible games and could maybe even feature player mods in the future? Who knows… For now, I’m not overly excited by this.

Bethesda also will be entering the world of E-Sports with a Quake World Championship series starting 26th August 2017 – the beta is now playable for practise rounds at Quake.com

Finally Bethesdaland took us to areas under construction that revealed new content for Dishonoured 2 – Death of the Outsider content available 15th September 2017 as well as sequels The Evil Within 2 (13th October 2017) and Wolfstein II: The New Colossus (27th October 2017)

Whilst no new titles were announced, Bethesda did make it abundantly clear that the updates, additions and sequels announced were all for release in 2017, so who knows what 2018 could hold for the multi-platform developers.

Full Bethesda E3 Stream below:

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