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Nokia 3310 relaunched

The Frankenstein of Phones

Nokia 3310 relaunched

It works, my time machine works! We’re back in the year 2000…. Oh wait, never mind.

Nokia’s relaunch of the 3310 model today (24th May 2017) and it’s better than you can ever imagine.

Nokia’s much beloved 3310 phone back in 2000 was the indestructible phone. When I picture a phone before smartphones, the 3310 is what I imagine. The phone that called, text and played a good old game of snake.

The reboot comes in a more colourful form and is also much slimmer, though hopefully just as indestructible. Colours include glossy yellow, glossy red, matte black and matte grey.

It comes with a, much larger, colour screen as well as a battery life ten times that of its predecessor as well as a 2MP camera this time around. Most importantly, the new Nokia 3310 will have snake preinstalled from set up, and it’s got more levels than before.

The upgraded model also has a headphone jack, SD card slot, FM radio and 2.5G internet. Though it cannot connect to WiFi or GPS.

The phone will be on sale at selected mobile providers, such as Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone for a small fee of £49.99. This is far cheaper than the £129 price tag the original Nokia came with. Though the classic phone company clearly know their market well.

It’s safe to say this isn’t likely to be replacing anyone’s smartphone anytime soon, the low price tag will draw in a few of the more reminiscent individuals.


In complete honesty,I think we’re all tempted for the nostalgia factor.

Nokia 3310 specs

  New Nokia 3310
Weight 79.6 g
Battery 22 hours talk time, up to 1 month standby
Operating System Nokia S30+
Connectivity 2.5G and Bluetooth
Camera 2 megapixels
Storage 16BG
Snake? Of course!
Price £49.99

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