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WannaCry Ransomware NHS Hack 2017

WannaCry Ransomware NHS Hack 2017

As we all know on 12th May 2017 the NHS experienced the largest and most devastating hack in their history.
This hack resulted in entire systems being shut down, putting patients and doctors in an incredibly stressful and difficult situation. 40 hospitals and 24 trusts across the country were taken out of action by this, and thrown into chaos with appointment’s being cancelled, A and E being closed for absolute emergencies only and doctors writing patient information down by hand.

This was the only instant solution the NHS had to prevent further loss of confidential patient records and NHS files being stolen by an external hack. This attack left NHS staff with a single message of payment for releasing their systems from the ransomware hack.

The hack was thought to have taken place using a program called Wanna Decryptor (aka WannaCry) Ransomware and has left the NHS reeling even still.

One individual has halted the hack and systems are currently operational once again.

This is not the first phishing attack and it will not be the last if systems remain improperly protected.

This same WannaCry Ransomware attack also struck other countries across the globe, with Russia and the Ukraine being listed also.

But how did this happen?

Essentially, the NHS was unprotected and unaware. Their systems had not received a sufficient patch to fully protect them from virus and phishing. And a virus on this scale was able to spread from computer to computer and then from hospital to hospital using the NHS connected data system.

This ransomware often relies on phishing emails – emails that encourage the reader to open an email from an unknown sender – though, with the NHS being such a large organisation, this is no way to tell if this was the way the virus entered the system or where it actually entered.

In recent months social media giants Facebook and internet search engine sensation Google also experienced an external hack that cost them millions. Luckily for them the hack was traced and the guilty parties have been convicted and therefore money returned.

It’s scary just what information people can receive by seizing your computer. And it’s even more concerning when considering just how many viruses, scams, hack software and phishing emails are being used and developed every day.

This is why we must protect ourselves.

The only way to defeat the hackers is to be aware, prepared and vigilant. These people have ways of breaching anti-virus, so it’s important to be aware of what’s real and what not. Though for old systems, old websites, unprotected computers, there’s not even a challenge for these scam artists.

Contact the team via info@dovecomputers.com or through our Facebook messenger with any concerns about your business’ or personal computer security. Don’t leave these hackers a window!

Take a look at our tips for beating out the hackers here.


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