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Introducing the Amazon Echo Show

Introducing the Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon home assistant team grows once again!

After the unveiling of Microsoft’s for the home assistant Cortana, and the rise of the Google Home, it started to look like Amazon may have some competition on their hands in the AI home assistant department.

So what’d they do? They released the Amazon Look.

The Amazon Look not only did what the Echo before it could do, but it also gave fashion advice, took photos and live videos as well as providing you a well-lit stage wherever your personal photoshoot may take it.

It added an element of something that little bit different to the Amazon home assistant range, therefore outshining the Google Home competitor that was slowly rising behind it.

Last week was also the official announcement of the Cortana home assistant by Microsoft, that takes the familiar cylindrical shape of the Amazon Echo and hold many similar features also.

So what do Amazon do? They announce the Amazon Show.

The first home assistant with voice and touch control. This device allows you to get ready for a big night out whilst face timing your mum about your studies. It allows you to monitor how your pets are doing from your friends how. It also can work as a baby monitor and check on your little angel whilst they don’t allow you to sleep.


The screen is also in place to show you, as well as tell you, information. Whilst the features of the Echo are still very prominent and you can use voice to ask questions with a verbal response, a visual response is also now provided with the Show.

There is the option to also receive a live link from third party cameras in the house, hence the baby monitor image, and this then means that you could even be able to stream live television, though not explicitly stated. The image of a news show broadcast does suggest this possibility though.

All functions of the Echo still remain, from its ability to call an Uber to its smart home capabilities, to its ability to play a song. Alexa has got you covered from every angle.

Though there has been no explicit confirmation, it is thought that the show could possibly absorb the Amazon Look’s fashion capabilities, but as mentioned, this hasn’t been confirmed. To be completely honest, I think this would make the Look rather redundant and would be a poor choice for sales on Amazon’s part should the do this.

With the added feature of Bluetooth also, you can stream your favourite songs straight from your phone, whatever music provider you use be it iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify… whoever. The Bluetooth feature covers you.

A pretty reliable leak earlier today released the design, so Amazon just came out with it and confirmed the Show will be available for purchase from the 28th June and is rumoured to cost around £220 or $230. It will come in either Black or White and could just be your new home assistant for 2017.

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