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Do You Need a Drone?

Do You Need a Drone?

The 21st century has seen its fair share of spectacles and technological advancements. We’ve gone from floppy disks to cloud sharing, from Windows XP to Windows 10 and from paper aeroplanes to full blown drones.

There are several drones now available since the initial release of the tiny remote controlled toys we were used to. There’s a drone for photography, videography, farming, deliveries, security, VR drones and of course, the drones just for fun.

So the big question is… do you need a drone?

They’re pretty pricey, it’s true. With many coming in around the £1,000 mark it’s not a decision you should take lightly. And especially after all the horror stories you hear of people flying them into telephone wires or losing signal and watching their thousand pound prize fly aimlessly off into the sunset.

But, this is the best part, many companies have developed drones with such innovative technology that they can fly themselves, steady their own weight – making them easier to fly – and even return to the take off point if low on battery or without signal. This is the type of drone you want to be looking for.

Drones are a fantastic and unique commodity for any avid photographer or videographer. It allows you to take to a vantage point off limits to many others in the trade and harbour the moment you’re trying to capture for everything it has to offer. You can be snapping away on the ground whilst your drone takes to the skies and collects images you can otherwise only see from a helicopter.

On a smaller scale it’s also great for family photos, group holiday shots and even just a power selfie as you finally can all be included in one picture without having to talk to a stranger (stranger danger). You are also free of having that one person’s arm and awkwardly larger face than everyone else in the selfie. So it’s a winner all around.

This would perhaps be my biggest audience to recommend a drone to, as this is, currently, the most developed area of drone technology. And let’s be honest, these shots are stunning.

Another use is through farming, and whilst this has not been entirely utilised as of yet, there is huge potential in this area and definitely is a space to watch as they’re on the horizon. No more early morning rises for seed spreading or crop tending, your drone can do that for you. It can also be used as a deterrent to poaching animals as the noise and sheer confusion scares them off.


As I say, this isn’t an area that’s completely developed and ready yet, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Perhaps the area with the most money currently being put into it is the delivery drone. Companies such as Amazon are hoping to utilise the drone for their Prime delivery service in the near future. Their only limitations currently are distance, but give it a few years and this is likely we’ll be seeing drones dropping parcels in our neighbours’ back gardens.

The security drone is essentially just for roaming CCTV. It’s a rather costly way to do it and would likely only be something for you high climbers currently. But it’s a solid and secure way of doing it. A roaming drone also scares off any unwanted visitors of the animal persuasion so you have no fear of finding the neighbours’ cat on your porch.
It’s not the most cost effective security system as of yet, but it’s an area of development in the future.

There’s also the VR headset drones that give you a unique first person view from up in the clouds. Wherever your drone goes, you go, whatever your drone sees, you see. And with the latest Virtual Reality technology looking to link to the Facebook livestream, you’ll likely be able to show off your drone flying skills and fantastic views live via Facebook. This is definitely part of the ‘fun’ drone.

For anyone who’s ever had a dream they’re a bird, or wishes they could see from up in the clouds… with a Virtual Reality drone, you can.

Personally I’m most sold by the videography and photography drones that shoot in glorious 4K video and HD imaging. You stand a chance of taking a shot no one else has before you, or even taking a familiar tourist shot from an entirely new angle and that’s pretty exciting.
Image result for VR drone

There’s the odd law with drones to be considered, due to the negative uses individuals have employed these incredible machines for in the past, but it’s nothing too restrictive for any of these prospects, whether they’re current or potential.

So, do you need a drone? No.

But do you want a drone… well that’s a different story.


Check out YouTuber SawyerHartman’s drone footage if you’re not sold already…


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