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The new Microsoft Surface Book… is it worth it?

The new Microsoft Surface Book… is it worth it?

The all new Microsoft Surface Book is coming. With a mere 7 days until it’s release, let’s take a look at just what this giant 2 in 1 device has to offer.

For starters, yes the new Surface Book is a 2 in 1, detachable device. Meaning it can function as a laptop, tablet and more. This is a fantastic feature for those constantly on the go and in need of a multi-functional device.

For a graphic designer or anyone in the creative field, being able to access Adobe programs as a tablet and suddenly switching to finish off a PowerPoint presentation on a laptop. This device has a great deal of versatility.
The Surface Book has an increased graphics capability with NVIDA GeForce GIX 965M 2GB GPU. It also has an increased speed for professional programmes such as Adobe Premier Pro 5, SolidWorks 35 CAD, Revit and more. With its 3000 x 2000 (that’s 267 pixels per inch) and aspect ratio of 3:2, the Surface Book 2017 really makes these upgraded graphics pop.

This, again, makes this a flawless device for those in a creative career. As an average home user however, you may not be as impressed when you hear how much it’ll cost.

The Surface Book features a 10 point multi touch screen and Surface pen across its impressive 13.5 inch HD display. This means that, for the tablet functions of this device, it doesn’t fall behind any of its competitors for responsiveness and functionality. In fact, it excels.

The battery life is also something to be raved about. A massive 16 hours can be achieved with the latest Microsoft Surface (provided your use allows it.) From its predecessor’s 12 hour battery life, this is a step to the next level, allowing much more than just the regular working day’s usage of this device.

Other features of the Surface Book 2 include facial recognition, which can store multiple faces for easy and swift access; Windows 10 Pro installed from release and a free Microsoft Office 365 30 day trial… to name a few.

Though the new Surface Book isn’t a gaming laptop off the bat, it does feature the ability to play HD PC games as well as connecting to your Xbox account to experience an even wider range of games. For a business man or woman always on the go, this could be a great feature that provides that little bit of downtime within a hectic lifestyle.

As for ports, as we at Dove Computers love a good range of ports, the Surface Book 2 has a fair amount. Two full sized USB 3.0 ports, 1 full sized SD card port, a headset jack, a mini display port and also surface connect. Though this isn’t the most ports seen on even slimmer models on the market, it’s all you really need for the uses of this device.

If this sounds like a sleek, flexible and functional device, you’re right. I’m impressed with the prospects of this 2 in 1 laptop and what it has to offer… however, here’s what it will set you back.

For the most basic version of the Microsoft Surface Book 2017 you’re looking at £2,249. This gets you a 256GB memory, i7 Intel core processor, 8GB ram and the dGPU graphics chip. Price increases up to £3,149 depending on memory and ram size… ouch.

So if you have that sort of money to throw at a new, fantastically designed 2 in 1 laptop, take a deeper look into this device, it could be well worth it. Unfortunately for most of us, we’ll be looking for a much more affordable, yet just as impressive laptop.

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