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Why Office 365?

Why Office 365?

A service we provide here at Dove Computer Solutions is individual or mass installation of Microsoft’s Office 365 programme.

But what is Office 365 and why is it better than its predecessors?

Office 365 works on cloud technology. This allows all your data – emails, photos, documents… the lot – to be backed up in a seemingly invisible storage system. It’s aptly named as your data really does seem like it’s up in the clouds. When the reality is it’s kept in an encrypted code in a mass of servers somewhere far off.

Don’t panic though! The 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption means that anyone who intercepts your data or anyone that hacks into the mainframe cannot read or decipher your information. It merely works by you and for you.

Because Microsoft work in accordance to the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative, they must keep their anti-virus and firewall software up to date or they face the consequences. Microsoft consistently monitor the servers for any suspicious activity and perform security audits on a regular basis. This makes Office 365 one of the most secure cloud services available to date.

The Office servers have a 99.9% running rate, meaning they are one of the most reliable and accessible cloud service providers available.

Microsoft Office 365 complies to the government regulations for ISO 27001 standards, the SAS70 Type 1 and 2 audits as well as achieving the EU Safe Harbor seal. In basic terms, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to ensure their Office 365 programme is running in accordance to all regulations and guidelines put before it.

Office 365 is compatible with all Windows updates from XP right through to Windows 10 – though it will run more smoothly with a newer Windows programme. Office 365 can even run on the latest OS X updates on Apple products – though again is more suitable for Windows.

There are many rules and regulations that Microsoft Office 365 abides by and this makes it desirable. However for those of us who care more about productivity and security than what regulations it follows, Microsoft Office 365 meets our needs too.

With Office 365 your entire database can be transferred from device to device. For a business this means the entire Office (or those permitted) can access files created on just one device. For the travelling business man it means you can complete your presentation started on the home desktop on your tablet whilst on the train. For the home user it means all of your precious family photos are saved and secure across your phone, computer and other devices.

Should any one of your devices fail you and need replacing the data is easily transferable to a new device and isn’t lost when a hard drive fails like it would have been in the past.

We offer Office 365 installation at a competitive rate. Enquire today as to how we can keep you connected.

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