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iPad 2017 vs iPad Pro 2016

iPad 2017 vs iPad Pro 2016

With the newly released iPad 2017 finally up for grabs, let’s take a look at how this new model compares to the 2016 iPadPro.


For starters the screen size is exactly the same, so for anyone concerned with having a larger device, neither are ruled out. For anyone after a smaller device it would be advisable to look into the iPad Mini series to save both time and money. Visually it’s as sleek and flawless as any Apple product before it. But that’s just it… it feels the same as any Apple product before it.

The resolution of 264 pixels per inch (2048 x 1536) again is exactly the same as with the Pro, so not much alteration there either. It starts to make Apple look a little lazy with their release of the new iPad. The Pro is meant to be the best of the product line, but still, the actual changes are that minimal, the release feels a little forced.

The newer iPad weighs more than its predecessor at 469 grams for the standard model – compared to 437 grams for the standard Pro. Not that this is particularly noticeable as the iPad still remains to be a sleek and light tablet device. The added weight is probably put down to the increased battery size. With 32.4wH – against the Pro’s 27.9wH – the iPad 2017 can run for a massive 10 hours on a single charge (9 hours if using mobile data.)

The iPad comes as standard with iOS 10, however this is an update every Apple device (over a certain age) will be able to obtain, so it’s not really a key selling point. It also comes with the Touch ID feature and Apple’s lightening charging port. All, yet again, identical to the iPad Pro 2016.

The iPad 2017 comes with an A9 processor – seen in the iPhone 6s. So we know it’s fast and efficient, but it’s not new. And it’s not particularly any better than the iPad Pro’s A9X processor.

Now for the differences and I must warn you, they’re not particularly positive.

The 2017 iPad comes with less colour options (no rose gold) and less internal storage options (standard 32GB and 128GB.) It also has a worse rear camera at 8 megapixels – compared to the Pro’s 12 – and a worse front facing camera, at a mere 1.2 megapixels – against the Pro’s 5.

Though it is true that the iPad isn’t meant as a photographic device, Apple have proved their abilities for creating iPhone’s that can produce better images, and they’re far smaller than an iPad.

The one plus side is the price – for anyone after the latest model it’s an almost £200 price difference between the iPad 2017 and the iPad Pro 2016.

The standard 32GB iPad 2017 costs around £339 (£429 for the 128GB model.)
Compare this to the iPad Pro at £549 for the base model and you can really save yourself some money.

If you’re not concerned with the quality of your tablet and just want an easy to use device with a good battery life that won’t break your bank, you could find a home for the 2017 9.7inch iPad. However for anyone after a device with that bit more to it, I’d stick with the Pro.

Or (and as an Apple fan it hurts me to say this) get yourself a 2 in 1 that can do the same job and more for almost half the price.

The new iPad just doesn’t seem to cut it.


Check out my YouTube review of the Apple iPad 2017 here:

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