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Samsung’s Latest Gadgets Revealed

A little more info on the Gear VR headset, the Gear 360 and Samsung DeX

Samsung’s Latest Gadgets Revealed

What else was announced?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 press release showed us a great many features we can expect to see for the new flagship device. Many of these features had already been rumoured, but it’s nice to finally feel that confirmation and see just what the new smartphone will be capable of.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 wasn’t the only thing on display however, as several other Samsung connected devices were revealed by Suzanne De Silva towards the end of the conference.

Gear VR

De Silva talked about the Samsung’s Gear VR headset that currently links with the devices. Samsung have updated the VR headset to be more immersive than ever before. The VR headset will now team up with big name events across the globe to bring a live stream 360 experience right to your home.

After teaming up with Oculus, Samsung have been able to connect the VR headset to certain new films and games, to really allow the user to become a part of their cinema experience. Director Rupert Sanders has allowed access into his new film ‘A Ghost in a Shell’ with which the wearer of the VR headset can follow the character Major throughout the film, seeing and experiencing the action as though you were her shadow. As a huge movie buff this is a pretty exciting feature and I hope many more director take to this new idea of filming, otherwise this feature could be a little deadbeat.

The VR headset team have also joined up with big social media names such as Buzzfeed and Now This to create a 3D experience for the reader. Rather than just reading their posts on Facebook or Twitter, you can now use the VR headset to witness an event first-hand.  In all honesty I’m not sure how this feature will really work, but it’ll be interesting to see.

The VR headset is set to now come with a Bluetooth controller that allows you to move about the 360 experience and the environment will move to you, using a motion sensing feature located within the Bluetooth controller. This sounds like a really interesting and exciting feature, however it also sounds like it could be rather hazardous for those around you. Maybe find an empty spacious room to experience this without and the resulting bruises from walking to tables and chairs.

Gear 360

There was also a reveal of a new and improved Gear 360 camera that now comes with an enhanced grip, making it more portable for the user.

It can now use Facebook’s livestream feature directly, so you can stream your 360 experience to your whole network of friends in just one button – I’m sure they’ll thank you for that.

The Gear 360 has been updated to 4K resolution to give the clearest image possible. This can then link to the VR headset to relive your experiences over and over again.

Whilst I’m sure there will be a hefty price tag to follow with this updated device the audience of the press release received free models, so you’re sure to see several 360 videos floating around in the next few months, regardless of the price.

Other than the enhanced grip and new 4K video and photo capabilities the Gear 360 doesn’t seem to be too different to the previous model, so it could be worth getting the discounted version if you’re more concerned with the price over the quality.

De Silva states that Samsung love stories and see the Gear 360 as “the future of storytelling.”

Samsung DeX
Samung DeX connects the Galaxy S8 to your desktop. This makes the desktop more efficient and more easily accessible, keeping your devices connected. By plugging the charge pad into the
computer and placing your smartphone on top you can sign into your desktop instantly through the same facial recognition feature used by the S8. It takes a mere look towards the S8 screen and the desktop unlocks.

Samsung have been working alongside Microsoft to create a more user friendly web of Samsung Devices. By placing the S8/S8 plus onto its pod and connecting it to a desktop, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can transfer your data to the device, wherever you are. Making your data more accessible than ever – supposedly. Provided you have the licenses and have downloaded the appropriate apps to your smartphone, you should be able to access them on any desktop with ease. In this instance, the Galaxy S8 works sort of like an external hard-drive

You can toggle apps, allowing you to drag and drop images to your Samsung Email app or Messages App on the desktop screen, and it will send the images through your Galaxy smartphone. And any received messages, calls or emails on your S8 device will appear at the bottom of the monitor, showing your phone is still functioning as you work.

A freebee

Finally, an announcement that honoured Samsung’s partnership with Harman has meant that each Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a pair of AKG earbuds, worth $99, just because.

Samsung clearly are trying to push this device out with as many positives as possible, and I must say, though the extra gadgets may not have been sold to me in quite the same way, the newest flagship smartphone has definitely peaked my interest.

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