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Fitbit Alta Review

Fitbit Alta Review

The Fitbit Alta is one of many fitness watches out on the market today. So what makes Fitbit stand out from the crowd?


Well for starters the Fitbit range is one of the widest smart watch ranges going with 5 watches of different styles, shapes and features. And then two pocket sized trackers as well as their own wireless scales to connect your progress all together, Fitbit has a solid range to suit anybody’s individual needs. In fact, they even have an online quiz to help potential customers decide which product is best for them: https://www.fitbit.com/uk/compare

Personally, the Alta works best for me. It’s light weight and slim design ensures I can go about my without it getting in the way. Sometimes bulky watches can be a nuisance, the Alta removes this annoyance. Being the smallest watch in the Fitbit family with a screen it’s a great commodity to anyone who wants to start getting fitter, or even just to take note of how much they already do. . I’m not a huge fitness fanatic, but I like to keep in shape and count my daily steps. This device encourages me to do more.

The band is also interchangeable with many external companies creating sleek and stylish designs to match your fitbit to any occasion. From the classic watch style strap, to a classy bracelet style, to a metal bangle. There’s a style to suit everyone.  

The screen features include the time and date, steps done, distance travelled, calories burnt and time spent exercising. All of these are based on a tap display system, ensuring the Alta does not waste battery life unnecessarily. Other screen based features include motivational updates and goal reminders and also a direct link to mobile messages, should you wish to view them whilst on the go (all set via the Fitbit App). The screen’s display is crisp and clear and remains visible even in direct sunlight; a feature many smart watches struggle with, especially those with larger screens.

The screen is also shower and swim proof, allowing you to keep the alta on your person, whatever you may be doing. This is a feature not present on many fitness trackers, including other members of the Fitbit family. So if you’re an avid swimmer or, like myself, the forgetful type this is definitely a choice worth considering.

The Alta also records off screen data such as a sleep schedule. This not only monitors how much sleep you get, and how sound that sleep is, but also can be set up to give a silent alarm in the morning and a gentle reminder of when you need to go to bed to achieve you’re desired amount of sleep.

If you’re worried about losing sleep data with overnight charging, don’t fear. The Alta takes a mere two hours to fully charge and can last up to five days on one charge. There’s no stress and no mess when it comes to power for this device.

FBappThe Fitbit app itself has a very user friendly design and allows you to challenge your friends, regardless of the fitbit device you may have. This, for me, instils more fun and competition in keeping fit as I can get quite competitive with a desire to always come first.  

The app also allows you to enter your daily calorie and water intake. So if you’re on a diet or are really serious about keeping fit, this feature is a great way to monitor how much you burn in comparison to how much you take in. I myself don’t use this feature much as I’m more focused on the exercise side of the device, however it’s great to know should I ever go on a diet I can use this feature to make the process even easier. It’s as simple as scanning a barcode to enter the amount of calories you have eaten in one day (alternatively you can manually enter amounts also.)

Another great feature, and something I use fairly regularly, is the ‘Guidance feature’ that gives you the option to exercise with ‘FitStar’. FitStar is a series of exercise techniques and videos designed around certain areas of the body. For instance some work on cardio, some works on legs and arms, others work on the chest… you get the picture. For someone who doesn’t have the time or money to go to the gym, but isn’t one for outdoor running, this feature is really helpful as the sessions are timed and show how many calories you can burn whilst performing them. If you have a smart TV this feature can be played on a large screen to make the session easier to watch.

Your profile shows personal goals and achievements, which you can make as public or as private as you like. My most recent medal was the Penguin March (112 KM – the distance Emperor Penguins take to get to their breeding grounds.) This feature ties in to the ‘Challenge’ page, where the user can select an ‘adventure’ or ‘challenge’ based on their location or day to day ability.

Finally the Fitbit Alta’s RRP is £99 however it can be found cheaper on other sites, such as Amazon or in stores. I didn’t pay this price for mine, so there’s nothing to say you will either.

Fitbit have recently released a Fitbit Alta HR, an update to the already brilliant device. With any luck I’ll be able to compare the two and give a final review of which slim fitting tracker is Fitbit’s all round best.  

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